“This was an engaging, interactive and great session, getting the staff involved and also learning about how even just little changes can make every difference to our health”
“Great session, even though I consider myself well informed I learned a lot and will definitely incorporate findings into my routine” 
“Summing up, I would say an inspirational and engaging talk from Chris who is obviously committed, and passionate about what he does. The talk was practical, informative, stimulating, and easy to listen to"
“The information was well delivered and easy to understand. I learnt a lot about what we should consume, and the timing of when to eat." 
“Very knowledgable. Amazing facts and an inspiring role model." 
WorkForce Wellness
A 1-Hour Interactive & Informative in house Seminar with Q&A
What is better, or optimum health? Enhance the energy, mood, moral & productivity of the office by being fuelled by the right choices, in and outside work!
  • This workshop will give an extensive, but easy to follow understanding of modern nutrition, and the impact of our current food choices in the workplace. We will also capture employee data pre & post visit on activity level, what individual employee health desires are, and how to sustain positive, high impacting change!

Happier, healthier employees perform better...Boost productivity and nourish the team with new knowledge, practice, screening, support and solutions.

Combining my background as an athlete with working in corporate welfare. Performance mindset and structure influences an efficient delivery of corporate wellbeing solutions. 



  • Brain function

  • How to manage weight

  • Morning routine

  • Quick & simple evening solutions

  • Sleep quality

  • Toxicity 

  • Office based choices

  • Kicking cravings

  • Mood food

  • Staying sharp

Staff Program

  • Health screening

  • Disease Risk & Prevention

  • Nutrient Deficiency Assessment

  • Antioxidant Deficiency Assessment

  • Optimum Food Choice Resources

  • Office Environment 

  • Individual correspondence/support

  • Online, time-efficient management and lifetime records/resources

  • Mind & Body Performance!